With the continuous development of modern enterprises, the requirements of precision hardware devices are becoming higher and higher. CNC machine tools are constantly popularized to the field of modern mechanical processing. In general, emulsion or cooling oil is used as cooling fluid in work. So a large number of oil fumes will be produced, which affect the production environment of the factory. CNC machine tools are in this kind of oil smoke and diffused environment. At the same time, the mechanical mechanical and electrical system will be greatly damaged, and the later guarantee cost of the machine will be greatly increased. At the same time, the workers' respiratory system and skin will seriously harm the staff's physical and mental health if the staff are working in this kind of oil foggy workshop for a long time.
Yamato is in line with the idea of "honesty and faith". Pursues the enterprise spirit of "innovation like rattan toughened". In the future, we should develop a high quality and high performance industrial oil mist purifier with the social responsibility of environmental production. Provide integrated air purification solutions for future industry development.
Sustainable development is the absolute principle. The green hills and green waters are Jinshan Yinshan.